About Us

Cre8ive Measures is a Technology Studio committed to creating a positive impact through the application of Data Science to support education, growth, and development.


Data must be clear, consistent, and complete to provide analytical value. Its value increases as it is combined with other data. Cre8ive Measures offers a number of data management solutions, including: assessments, surveys, data collection, data wrangling, data validation and data integration


Data without analysis is like food without being tasted. You can see and appreciate its existence, but you will never appreciate its true nature until you have a taste. We offer a number of analytical solutions to enable ad hoc and self-service analytics. We are technology agnostic, but commonly use R-Studio, PowerBI, and a number of homegrown solutions for this work.


Strategy is the plan of action we arrive upon, after taking into account the results of our analyses. Strategies should be goal directed (i.e. measurable) giving value to our efforts. Our framework for Analytical Strategy considers the differential impact of People, Product, and Process on Key Performance Indicators. We can help our customers use their data to eliminate waste, and double-down on their most effective practices.

Analytics is Our Passion

We love all things analytics.  The most exciting part of our work is figuring out how to apply all the great technology that has been developed since Big Data came on the scene.

Check out this awesome video by Mark Rober to see a great example of how Machine Learning can be applied to Baseball, allowing us to do what no brain could do alone…